Two Awesome Programs To Choose From


Our affiliate program is the preferred choice of most of our partners. It offers an extremely passive way to earn impressive commission for website design referrals that turn into Ovis website clients. Simply send us a lead, we take care of the rest. If we get paid, you get paid! Our generous commission structure starts at 20% per sale. If a website deal is $3,500, that’s a $700 payout…just for sending us a qualified lead! If we book more than 2 websites from your referrals in any given month, your commission gets bumped up to 25% per sale!


Our whitelabel program is perfect for the computer company (or anyone else) that would like to add “website design” to their own menu of services. Our program enables you to deal directly with your client and get all the credit for the website design. We work with your client under your company name and bill you for the services rendered at a deeply discounted rate (35% off). You can get a $2,500 website from us for just $1,625 and sell it to your end client for as much as you’d like. This is a great opportunity for your business!


1. You Send Us A Qualified Lead.

Have a chat with your customers to see if a new website makes sense (reach out if you would like sales material). If they agree to be contacted by us, send the referral over and we will take it from there. 

2. We Conduct A Sales Meeting.

Once we receive the referral, we will attempt to make contact within 48 hours to schedule a discovery call. Our goal is to see if the client can benefit from our services and if we are a good fit overall.

3. If We Get Paid, You Get Paid!

If a sale is made within 180 days of your referral, you will be entitled to a payout in accordance with the payout schedule (listed below).

Payout Details

Silver Tier Gold Tier
Websites booked per calendar month Up to 2 3 or more
Payout Per Website 20% Of Revenue (example: $3,500 website = $700 payout) 25% Of Revenue (example: $3,500 website = $875 payout)

NOTE: For privacy reasons, I will not divulge any company names. However, for informational purposes, our last five website contracts were $3,250, $3,750, $4,500, $2,300, and $2,200. 


1. You Sell A Website Directly To Your Client

Add “Website Design” to your menu of available services. You deal with your clients directly and we will fulfill the finished product. We will provide you with an exact pricing and sales guide that you can use to estimate your cost and project your profit margins.

2. We Design The Website For The Client

Once you get a project booked, we will design the website from start to finish. You can be as involved as you want. We are happy to take over communication with your client on your behalf for the project or deal solely with you.

3. You Bill The Client, We Bill You.

At the onset of the project, we will bill you directly for the website design services at a deeply discounted rate (35% off or more). You can bill your client at any point in the process and can choose your own pricing. Web design is a valuable service!

NOTE: Your Whitelabel Program discount starts at 35% off our standard pricing. Click here to see our pricing packages. Your discount may increase with volume.

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